Making mavericks

Author: Johnny Agnew
Date: 30 June, 2015

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When I say maverick what do you think of?

I don’t mean the bearded “hipster” rocking geometric tattoos and skinny jeans or the trendy 100% vegan café opening on the corner, and it’s not an obscure reference to Top Gun. So then who or what is a maverick?


A few months ago I attended the blueprint sessions in local store and café ‘Indigo and Cloth’, where a number of Ireland’s slickest designers and entrepreneurs came out for a Q&A on the rising culture of ‘Makers’ set against an Irish backdrop. The focus was on how to become a ‘Maker’ but the question was raised as to why this culture is gaining cult status. Is it simply part of Irish history as a nation of storytellers woven into the fabric of Irish culture that draws us?


Somehow I don’t think so.

I’m an avid supporter of the rising Makers movement. I wear jeans hand-sewn by only three people out in Ohio, my belt was stitched by a friend who is a freelance designer, photographer and leather maker.

I love the third wave coffee scene. Not just because the coffee is phenomenal – though it’s a pretty good reason to keep my caffeine levels regularly topped up. It’s because they champion one product right from the harvesting to the roasting. It’s collaborative, two stories merging to become something bigger.


These are just regular people who had an idea and went for it. Ultimately it’s that spark and reason to their story that moves us. It’s intoxicating and people want a hit of it. We are captivated and intrigued by individuals who buck the trend and refuse to be confined, instead carving a name for themselves with their ideas, services and products. These are the mavericks.

It is this collaborative process with clients that I love. When that light bulb moment happens and ideas are created that push boundaries and capture our attention. It is this upward trend of innovation across industries that I am excited to be a part of – to watch it grow and continue to inspire others.


So the real question is are you ready to be a maverick?

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