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Date: 3 April, 2020

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Darius Pasalar

By Darius Pasalar

Senior Strategist

It’s a funny thing to pull together a reading list on a virus that’s responsible for a global pandemic. It’s a bit like ranking your favourite dictators or most impressive natural disasters. But there’s no denying that we have all been consuming content and opinion on hyperdrive, trying to make sense of it all.

The following list represents the best of the thinking out there that has been helping to shape, provoke, and nurture our own.


1. Canvas8 – The insightful overview

This is a great overview document that maps how we as people are moving through the stages of the pandemic and the results that follow. I also love how tid-bits of info are peppered throughout.


2. Kantar – Covid-19 Barometer

Great hard-hitting statistics, reporting our changing / changed behaviour around media.


3. MIT Press – Science is great

This isn’t one read, it’s a daily update from some brilliant scientists. If you haven’t already signed up to it, do it now – you’ll thank me forever.


4. WARC – How we’ve changed

A great look at how people’s behaviours have radically shifted.


5. BBC Radio 5 live – Kermode and Mayo’s film review.

If you’re a member of the church of Wittertainment, you’d expect Mark and Simon’s iconic podcast, that charts weekly cinema releases, would be off the air. But they’re still going strong, and if you need a bit of a mental hug, this is the podcast for you.