Defence Forces

Using the right data to find the right women for the job

Nowhere near enough women were joining the Irish Defence Forces. Research told us it was because they assumed they weren’t a good fit for the job – a tough mindset to break.

We knew a career in the military wouldn’t be for everyone. But there was a small pool of women out there who would consider this path. We just needed to find them. Our limited audience and tight budget meant we couldn’t target everyone. Instead, we needed to become data snipers. We worked out that we only needed 577 qualified leads to hit our client’s recruitment target. With a mix of insight and ingenuity we created a potential audience of 22,800 to focus our campaign on: women who played team sports. Why them? Because they already had the key strengths needed to excel in the Defence Forces.

We created an action-packed film that let them know this was the career they’d been ‘training for all their lives’. And we made sure they saw it, hyper-targeting them on social media so we didn’t waste a cent of our budget.


female applicants


increased engagement


passed the test

Critically acclaimed