Proud Dads

Proud Dads

Dublin Bus

The Proudest Bus at Pride

In 2018, Dublin Bus wanted to do something special to mark their 10th year supporting Dublin Pride. The theme of the festival that year was ‘We are Family’. And, while Dublin Bus had seen plenty of proud family members showing their support over the last decade, they noticed one important group was missing – dads. Although dads wanted to show their support, they didn’t feel they could go to Pride without an invite.

So we created the proudest bus at Pride – not the one with the most rainbow flags or glitter, the one with the proudest people: Proud Dads. Dublin Bus literally gave dads a vehicle to show their love and support. And in doing so they sent a strong message to the community: Dads, you are welcome at Pride and your kids want, need and value your support.

Within a week, these Proud Dads became globally celebrated symbols of love, acceptance and Pride, opening up a conversation of real meaning in the LGBTQ+ community.



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