We're Brighter Together

We're Brighter Together

Electric Ireland

A remarkable perspective on Ireland’s future

As the world struggles with climate change and possible environmental catastrophe, individuals can feel increasingly powerless when faced with the sheer scale of the problem. But, whilst one household making a few small changes will have minimal impact, over 1 million households doing it could have a profound impact on the future of energy.

Our idea for Electric Ireland was to demonstrate that ‘We’re brighter together’, based on the simple truth that, when enough of us come together, we can do great things. As we look towards the future, Electric Ireland, together with its 1.1 million customers, can help to ensure a more sustainable, smart and inclusive Ireland. As Ireland’s largest energy provider, Electric Ireland’s scale became a positive with this inclusive, reassuring and future-focused brand platform.

To launch the platform, we enlisted someone who had witnessed the energy of Ireland like no one else: Canadian astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield. In 2013, Hadfield admiringly tweeted images of Ireland from the International Space Station, eliciting a moment of genuine national pride. In our film, Hadfield reconnects with his love of Ireland as we see him from his unusual vantage point, observing the country below. As someone who represents technology at its most inspiring, Hadfield lent a unique perspective and a universally respected and vital voice to the Electric Ireland brand.

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