Go Hunky Dorys Or Go Home

Go Hunky Dorys Or Go Home

Hunky Dorys

The unique character behind the unmistakable crunch

Ask anyone in Ireland to talk about Hunky Dorys crisps and they’d tell you how much they love their intense flavour and crunchiness. But ask them about the brand and they wouldn’t have had much to say. So, to secure the brand’s future in an increasingly crowded crisp market, we wanted it to finally enjoy the same love as the crisps themselves.

In order to reinforce the unique crunch and crinkle of Hunky Dorys in the minds of the public, we decided to show that these crisps couldn’t be made using the ‘usual’ methods. There’s something more behind each taste-battering sensation – a passion, if you will. And that passion comes from a very special employee working on the Hunky Dorys’ production line, known as ‘The Crinkler’. Played by Irish comedian Darren Conway, Christie the Crinkler was born with the ‘gift of the crinkle’ i.e. the ability to crinkle crisps by screaming motivation into them as if his life depended on it. He’d even do it for free. As his da once said, ‘Go Hunky Dorys or go home’.



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