Alcatraz Unlocked

Alcatraz Unlocked


Using AI to unlock the 50-year-old mystery of Alcatraz

Many business-to-business tech offerings are sterile, emotionally cold and easily ignorable. If we didn’t capture people’s imaginations with what IdenTV’s AI could achieve, we risked forever being just another occupant of the trash folder in people’s brains.

Instead of just talking about the technology, we knew a demonstration of what it could do would be much more powerful. What if we could even use the tech to solve one of the oldest mysteries in US history?

Alcatraz Unlocked is a novel example of successfully deploying the creative knowledge and digital tools of today to address an unresolved question of the past. By unlocking the data in a 50-year-old photo, we unlocked the answer to a 50-year-old mystery.


Critically acclaimed