See Green

See Green


Helping colour-blind rugby fans to ‘See Green’  

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup taking place over 13,000 kilometres away, in Japan, Ireland’s national rugby association, the IRFU, wanted to make sure every supporter could follow Ireland, no matter what. But, while working with the IRFU, we discovered there was one particular audience who would struggle to follow their team on TV: fans who are colour blind. Over 250,000 Ireland fans suffer from colour blindness, meaning they sometimes struggle to even follow the ball, let alone the team.

So we developed a Chrome Extension to ensure all colour-blind fans could ‘See Green’. The tool allows users to apply a colour overlay to a video, enriching the experience across all spectrums of colour blindness.

To show what this tool could mean for colour-blind fans, our campaign told the story of Bobby Blakeney, an avid Ireland supporter for 74 years, who suffers from severe colour blindness and is unable to distinguish accurately between green and red. We introduced Bobby to our See Green extension, allowing him – and colour-blind fans across the country – to finally see the emerald green of the Ireland jersey, and follow the team they love.

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