It's Just a Phase

It's Just a Phase


Helping teenagers with the help of teenagers

Ireland has one of the highest teen suicide rates in Europe. Yet teenagers are often dismissed by adults who, instead of taking them seriously, characterise their real issues using reductive language, like “just hormones” or “something they’ll grow out of”. An independent youth outreach movement, Soar’s mission is to give teenagers a safe space to talk out anything that might hold them back from reaching their potential.

Imagine struggling with an issue and being told “it’s just a phase”. It happens to teenagers all the time. So, in order to show teens that Soar takes their feelings seriously, we used this dismissive phrase to create a film for teenagers by teenagers. Reclaiming the meaning behind the words, we celebrated the potential and possibilities of this so-called phase.

Teenagers themselves were the driving force behind the piece. By talking to and casting young people from various socio-economic backgrounds, we were able to speak to teens on their level, with a truly authentic voice.

Critically acclaimed