Let's White Claw

Let's White Claw

White Claw

A celebration of White Claw by, and for, its fans

White Claw didn’t become the number one hard seltzer brand in the US without a little help from its fans. White Claw consumers are probably the most engaged of any brand in the world, creating an entire sub-culture around the product, with its own memes, in-jokes and laws (or lack thereof). So, for White Claw’s first ever global campaign, we wanted to find a way to celebrate the fans who helped build the brand, but without talking down to them.

For a fan, being handed a White Claw is a shortcut to pure, uncomplicated fun. It’s saying ‘Let’s’ through the medium of can! So our ‘Let’s White Claw’ campaign celebrated this with a series of films that get straight to that feeling of fun. No manifestos, no philosophising, no scripts, no actors – just good times.

We collaborated with a diverse group of filmmakers and creators from around the world. Each creator was given the freedom to interpret ‘Let’s White Claw’ their way, culminating in a huge suite of stylistically diverse short films ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, all unified by the brand’s iconic black and white palette.