New Best Friend

New Best Friend


An adorable little homemaker captures the spirit of Summer

Following on from the success of the ‘Mrs. Higgins’ Christmas campaign, Woodie’s wanted to create some more magic for Summer 2021 – especially considering the importance of the garden at that time. Building on the ‘We’re all Homemakers’ platform, we wanted to show another small but meaningful act of homemaking, this time bringing to life the joy of Summer.

Our film tells the story of one little boy, Liam, who is giving his new best friend a tour of the most fantastical parts of his garden, before ending with his very own adorable act of homemaking.

We worked with acclaimed director Mark Albiston (who shot the film from his home in New Zealand, as Covid restrictions prevented him travelling) to create a piece that’s positive, joyful and optimistic, reflecting the spirit of the season.